About Cheap Dinners for One

I started Cheap Dinners For One because I was spending way too much money eating out. I don’t do fast food as a rule, because most of it’s fried. I have a thing about fried food: it’s not good for you!

CHEAP: I try to make dinner for $4 per serving or less. I eat a lot in a serving, so you may find your meals are even cheaper. I can do this by choosing wisely. These foods are somewhat prepared, but not overly prepared. For instance, I have a salmon filet dinner which is pre-grilled and actually doesn’t need any seasoning. You can buy 2 filets for $5, so that’s a low $2.50 per meal!

FAST: While I like cooking with others, I cook for myself these days. I want something that’s very fast. In a major meal, people often spend 2 hours making everything. I’d prefer to spend 10 to 20 minutes, a half hour at the very most. 

EASY: I don’t like washing dishes, so I use minimal dishes. I try to reuse dishes during the meal so that I don’t have unnecessary dishes to wash. It is amazing what you can prepare with a minimum amount of utensils.  

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