About Your Tools

Here’s your tool set. It’s simple. You can get the tools for about $70, new (and a LOT less used or from your family and friends), and a microwave oven for about $100 or less. I prefer an 1100 watt microwave (the largest usually sold) because it cooks quickly and you can easily make popcorn in it as well as large dishes.

Dishes! A setting for 4 costs about $30 typically. This set comes from Amazon.

This pot is called a saucepan. You’ll do most of your cooking with it. $20 typically. Amazon, Utopia Kitchen and even Daiso sell these.

This is a plastic colander, also called a sieve. Costs about $3. Most stores, even Safeway sells something like this.

This is a ceramic mixing bowl. As long as it’s deep and ceramic you’re set. You don’t need to spend more than $10 for it. The reason why I say ceramic because you can use it for microwaving and also to eat from. You can go anywhere for these such as Pier One Imports, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, etc.

This is a plastic ladle. I like plastic because it won’t scratch your saucepan! Safeway probably has the cheapest.

This is a rubber spatula. It’s used for scooping food and for stirring. Never leave it in the saucepan while you’re cooking. These are often sold in a set of two spatulas and a wooden scraper or two. Safeway, Daiso, any number of places sell these.

This is a fry pan. I doubt I’ll have any recipes that use it, but it’s good to have handy, especially if you eat eggs (I don’t). Any place you can get the saucepan you can find a fry pan.

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