If you like to add a very great fresh ingredient to your dinner, such as to a pasta or rice dish, fresh basil is great. While there are pesto sauces that are excellent, when you have fresh basil available and can use it, then go for it. There are several different kinds of basil, which are used in various regional dishes. Krapow basil is used in Thai cooking, Italian basil is the most common kind we have here, and is the one you’re likely familiar with. There is also lemon basil, used in the Far East, especially Indonesia.

Local basil is fresh during the summer, so if you’re getting it after summer, chances are it’s some a long way from somewhere, such as South America.

You can also grow Italian basil fairly easily indoors during the rest of the year. Basil grows very fast, but MUST get a lot of sunlight, so stick it in a window. Water it so that the soil is slightly moist, but not wet. Be sure the pot has good drainage.

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