Basil Pasta Salad (Fresh)

Yeah, this is one that requires fresh basil, either from the store (summer to early fall in most places) or basil you grow yourself.

This is a very simple salad, but you will be bowled over by its flavor. Cook up some pasta. (See “How I Cook Pasta”.) While it’s still hot toss it into your mixing bowl. Put a bunch of basil (remember, the amount you use is up to you; you’ll figure it out fast) into your mixing bowl, too. Add some mozzarella cheese, and about the same amount of fresh tomatoes, chopped up. Add some olive oil, and minced garlic (or garlic salt) and pepper to taste. Mix it up in your mixing bowl with your spatula. Enjoy! It’ll be refreshing, and VERY Italian, too! Now, if you have the time, you can prep it a bit by mixing everything except the pasta first and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight. It’s not necessary, but it helps the ingredients blend better.

Shown are fresh Italian basil, McCormick’s black pepper grinder with peppercorns, and Meijer brand mozzarella. Available nearly everywhere good food is sold.

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