Basta Pasta!

The word “basta” means “enough!” What I have here is enough pasta, enough with the cooking time already!

I cook up some pasta, drain it when done, put big gobs of butter on it while it’s still hot. Don’t worry, butter is good for you because it’s full of protein and fat, and you need both to live! Okay, what goes well with pasta and butter? I put in some Thai seasoning because I haven’t used it in awhile, and I had some chopped broccoli hanging out, so I used that. Since the pasta was already done, I zapped the broccoli in my microwave for 2 minutes, covering it to be sure that it wouldn’t dry out. When done, I threw that into the pasta and stirred vigorously. Perfecto!

This is something called red curry paste. If you want a curryish flavor, this is for you. And it has a Thai sort of flavor, so you’re set. It’s not expensive. This bottle sells for about $2.60 for 4 ounces and lasts for several dishes.

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