Beans – Dry White

The food pantries usually get a lot of bags of dry white beans, usually navy beans, but other kinds as well. Beans are a very nutritious veggie to have. They provide some vitally needed amino acids and all that. But beans, especially white beans, tend to be mild.

Lots of people will tell you to soak the beans overnight. Don’t bother. I take my saucepan, dump a bunch of water into it, put in some beans, and put the burner on high until it boils. Then I cut back to “simmer”, the low heat, and let the thing sit and brew for half an hour. Unfortunately, for people like me who love to cook quickly and get it over with, cooking beans will always take some time.

Some folks like to put a little olive oil in with the water to help keep the beans from sticking. This works okay, so do it if you want.

When you’re done, you have a pot of beans. Okay, now what? Well, white beans tend to be a bit squishy, so that’s good. You can combine them with some various seasonings and have yourself a nice plate of beans. Depending on what your have in your cupboard, you can go wild. You can add some ground black pepper, maybe some thyme or sage. Basil or pesto can also go well. The trick here is to not overpower the bean flavor itself because it tends to be mild.

White beans can also be added to soups, and go especially well with a chicken or beef soup.

You’ll likely have more beans than you need. These cooked beans can be frozen. Use a couple ZipLoc bags or one of those glass storage containers I’ve told you about. Beans can be frozen for up to about 5 months.

Goya is one of the brands of beans you’ll see. They seem to be everywhere.

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