Boca Burgers

I’m not purposely a vegan, but I don’t turn down vegan food, either. Some of it leaves a lot to be desired. Imagine my surprise when I visited a cafĂ© that had a Boca Burger! It was delicious. It didn’t come across tasting like sawdust or weird junk. It simply tased good.

There are several kinds. One is sort of beef-like. I haven’t had it, so I can’t report. I eat the original and the “chik’n” and spicy “chik’n” varieties. They used to be an independent company; now they’re made by Kraft/Heinz.

The burgers are 11 to 15 grams of protein, depending on the kind. They’re low in fat, sodium, all that. And yet they’re still tasty.

Zap the Boca Burger in the microwave for 3 minutes (though the package says 1 1/2). The patty MUST be thoroughly heated to at least 165 for a period of time because it’s not fully cooked out of the box.

I don’t like burger buns, so I use either wheat flour tortillas, a pita pocket, or just simply eat the burger with a fork. It’s breaded, and a little dry, so I put some Ranch dressing or maybe a dash of soy sauce on mine. A single burger is not a full meal, but 2 can usually fill the bill. At about $4 for a package of 4 you’re doing well in the money department.

The “serving suggestion” with cole slaw and some lettuce is a good idea. I also like to slice some onion onto the patty as well. Or just use the Boca itself on a split English muffin, zapped in your microwave for 3 minutes. You’ll get this:

I had this today. I had it was a side of corn (not seen), and some ice cream. The Boca Burger typically sells $4 for a box of 4. Good nutrition, though a bit low on the fat. Lots of protein.

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