Candied Walnuts

Here’s a simple way to make candied walnuts. They’re good by themselves or as a topping to a salad. Take a big gob of walnuts (at least a cup) and stick them in your skillet. Dump in about half as much sugar (that would be about half a cup), and then toss in a little butter (a tablespoon or two). Heat on high, toss the walnuts around, making sure they don’t stick. When the sugar and butter have melted and coated the walnuts you’re done! Be sure to stir a lot or they will burn or stick together. Use a wooden spatula becasuse if you use a rubber one it might start melting. You don’t want that. Take off the heat and let the pieces cool.

Walnuts have a lot of nutrition. A cup of walnuts has about 200 calories, 5 grams of protein, 20 grams of unsaturated fat, and lots of nutrients, vitamins, etc.

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