Chile con Carne

I buy my chili in the can. I’m into simple, okay? One of my favorites is Dennison’s, but there are lots of others. The recipes vary a lot, so this is one of those things left to your individual taste. Chile con carne (that is, chili with meat) is good by itself, but I like to add things to it. For one, it goes well with pasta or rice. Just be sure to cook the pasta or rice, and while it’s hot you can mix it with the chili. Also, if you’re inventive, mixed vegetables work well, too. I happen to like the frozen Italian style blends, which work with a lot of different kinds of dinners.

There is also a mix called the “Fiesta Blend” which is quite good. You get a pound of veggies for less than $3. Assuming you get 3 good-sized servings, that’ll cost you $1 per serving. But don’t forget, with the chili and the pasta/rice, and the veggies, you’ve created two servings, so that lowers the veggie cost to half a buck per serving. Add the cost of the chili, which would be about $2.75 per can and some money for the rice or pasta, and you’ve got a delicious, filling meal for about $2.75 a serving (remember, two servings here).

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