Chinese Food

In keeping the budget low, I’ve taken to buying Tai Pei frozen Chinese meals for a quick non-prep meal. BE AWARE of these kinds of foods because they sneak in sugar (in Tai Pei sauces sugar is usually the #2 ingredient after water), and watch the sodium. A typical serving will already have 1/3 of your daily recommendation of sodium.

These oblong containers heat in the microwave in 4 minutes, even with a 900 watt oven. Remove the plastic band around the lid — only, do not remove the lid, stick it into the oven and go for 4 minutes. Let sit another 2 minutes to cool and then pull out the container and remove the lid. The container is deceiving. The bowl is only about 3/4 full. They’re all that way. Never pay more than $4 for these; beyond $4 they’re not worth it.

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