Corn Chowder

I like this because I’m always acquiring more canned and frozen corn than I need. Someone will ask me, “Do you want some corn?” Sure, I’ll take handouts. Anyhow, what I do is put some milk (oh about 3 cups or more) into the saucepan, add a LOT of corn, add artificial bacon bits (because I like the flavor, okay?), some garlic (I used minced garlic), quite a bit of black pepper (remember, I recommend a grinder/jar such as McCormick makes). You will want to adjust your garlic and black pepper to taste. And add some pats of butter, or if you’ve got a knife or a teaspoon handy, just slice off a slab that you think is enough. Also, it probably needs thickening, so I recommend dumping in a hash brown patty or two, which will break up as you’re cooking it. Some people like onions in their corn chowder. This works.

REMEMBER! You’re cooking with milk this time, so you can’t let it get too hot or it will burn! You’ll probably want to add a little water, too. Nothing needs to be thoroughly cooked here, just heated, so you don’t boil the daylights out of this, just make it hot, make sure the ingredients all blend together, let it simmer (low heat), and you should know when it’s about ready. I trust you.

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