Cornstarch (also known as corn flour) is finely pulverized corn. It’s white, and it’s used mainly for adding body to baked goods and for thickening soups. I don’t use it for either of these, but I stock cornstarch in my pantry anyway. Why? Because it’s a great deodorant! It’s good for brushing onto body areas that tend to get damp, such as underarms and feet!

Argo is probably the most well-known cornstarch these days. A full pound of it costs $2 or less. I put mine into a seasoning shaker (available in the cooking section of most stores). If you don’t think using cornstarch for perspiration is good enough, then do what the “natural” antiperspirant companies do: mix in a little baking soda with the cornstarch! This is the basis of a lot of the “natural” deodorants, along with fragrance.

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