Crab Basics

Okay, this is not about fresh crab. I don’t want to crack it and pick out the meat. It’s all about canned crab. Canned crab I can deal with. It’s an extremely handy thing to add to dishes.

First, if you’re going to use crab, you’ll want to strain out the juice and save it in the refrigerator because it’s a good flavoring.

Second, you’ll want to pick through the crab for pieces of shell. Shelling crab is not a science. The food company does the best they can, but they’re not perfect.

Third, canned crab is already cooked, so what you’ll usually be doing is heating it. So, no worry about salmonella or anything. IMPORTANT NOTE: Canned crab will last only a maximum of 4 days in your refrigerator (40 degree refrigerator, remember), so be sure to eat the second helping within a couple days!

Here are some uses for canned crab:

  • Put it directly on a salad. I recommend using a light dressing, maybe just oil and vinegar. If you want to taste the crab, don’t go too heavy on the dressing.
  • Make crab cakes. This is beyond what I teach here, but it’s an option you could look into.
  • Check out my recipe for Crab Salad to see something very simple to make.
  • Check out my recipe for Jambalaya to see another crab use.

In short, go for it! ONE MORE THING: Cook crab gently, which is why I recommend adding it last to soups, jambalaya, etc. Otherwise it can lose its flavor.

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