Crab Salad

I like crab, but I’m not about to buy fresh crab and spend an hour cracking it and dealing with the shells and whatnot. I’ll buy a can of crab, thank you. There are many brands, and they can vary in flavor and style. I happen to like Geisha canned crab. It looks like crab; it smells like crab. That’s a good start.

While I like crab cakes, I’m not going to spend the time to make them, plus crab cakes require frying, and I don’t like to fry.

But I do like crab salad. This is how I make it. I dump the can of crab into my mixing bowl. I mix in a big gob of mayonnaise, and I grind in some black pepper. I put a couple dashes of lemon juice if I have it (from one of those lemon juice squeeze bottles, or from an actual in-the-flesh lemon). But don’t overdo the lemon. I also add some chopped onion if I have it, or several sprinkles of onion powder.

Celery, if you have some handy is also a good addition. I hate chopping, but I have a little chopper I use for doing the dirty work. It’s nice to add some parsley if you have it to add some greenness. If not, don’t worry about it. Most canned crab can use a little extra salt. If I find I need it, I go to my trusty Louisiana Cajun Spice shaker and shake in just a dash. DO NOT overdo this seasoning!

I mix thoroughly using my spatula, and set it in the refrigerator if I have the time in order to blend it.

This crab salad is good as a topping for a regular fresh salad, but I usually use it on pita bread or on a tortilla or two. A can of crab meat will set you back about $2.75 and you can usually get 2 or 3 servings out of it.

This is the Geisha brand crab meat, available at Kroger, Safeway, Lucky, and most food stores. There are other brands, too, but to me this looks and tastes the best.

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