Danny’s Savory Fruit Salad

Danny was a guy I picked up hitchhiking in rural Northern California, where all the pot smokers live in communes back in the woods. I drove off the highway, bringing him to the ranch house where he lived with about 10 other people. It was there that he showed me this interesting trick with canned fruit salad.

First, drain off the syrup from the can of fruit cocktail and save it for your oatmeal tomorrow.

Now, into your mixing bowl, dump the can of fruit, put several dabs of yogurt in there, and add dill weed or chopped dill, or whatever kind of dill you have. Grind in some black pepper. If you have some vinegar, put a dash of vinegar into the salad, too. Mix thoroughly. If the dill is a bit dry then set the bowl aside for a few minutes. You will have a delicious and strange fruit salad. Whenever I have it I think of hippies!

Del Monte is a good brand. I like them because they’re still a local brand with a long local history.

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