I love falafel. I absolutely love it. But I don’t want to spend the time making it, even though it’s basically garbanzo beans and spices. So, I found a couple things that work just fine, and they’re both from Trader Joe’s.

The falafel is a little bland, but it works. Take a few balls and heat them for a minute or so in your microwave. And you just cut up the pieces, smear on some tahini sauce (the herbed one is good and a garlic tahini is even better). And then put the whole mess on/inside some pita break. All done! Oh, and if you have a fresh onion, you can cut up a few thin slices and stick those on the pita. Again, Trader Joe’s falafel and tahini are excellent. Also, try their hummus, too. Sabra hummus is sold in a lot of corner markets and specialty shops. Also, Costco’s Kirkland hummus is good.

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