Frozen Vegetables

In 1924 Clarence Birdseye (yes, there really was a Birdseye) developed a method of quickly freezing vegetables in order to preserve the freshness and texture. I use frozen vegetables a lot because I hate to waste food. Sometimes it might be several days between times I desire broccoli or carrots.

There are all kinds of vegetable mixes. Most people are familiar with the peas and carrots kind, with the square carrot pieces. I absolutely HATE that blend because it reminds me of badly done mixed veggies from my grade school years.

I like the big bags of frozen vegetables, such as those called Mediterranean Blend, Italian Blend, Tuscan Blend, etc. They’re easy to dump into soups. They’re pre-cut so you don’t have to chop anything. I don’t like chopping things if I can help it.

Since you’re never going to use the entire package at once, just clip it closed with a couple clothespins (get a bag of clothespins at Safeway or somewhere) and put it back in the freezer.

Oh, and you can also put some veggies on a plate, slice some butter to put on top, and zap them in the microwave for a couple minutes. You’ll have to experiment with how long is long enough to heat the veggies thoroughly. It’s possible with a microwave oven to heat only the outside and have the inside still be frozen. Different ovens are going to treat the veggies differently, so you’ll have to experiment. If they’re not hot on the inside, put them back into the oven for another minute. The two top-rated brands of frozen vegetables are Green Giant and Birdseye, with Pictsweet coming in third among the branded names.

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