Fresh fruit is good, but it can spoil easily. The longest-lasting fruits are apples, followed by oranges. I have had a bag of apples last 3 weeks without a problem. Oranges can last about a week. Other fruits not so much. The fastest fruit to go bad seems to be the banana. Thankfully they’re plentiful because everybody seems to like bananas.

Canned and frozen fruits aren’t as good as fresh, but you don’t have the waste. Also, you can do a few extra things with canned fruits. For example, you can strain the juice and packing water from the fruit using your colander and save it for later. Fruit juice works well in your morning oatmeal.

My favorite canned fruits are pears, peaches, and apricots.

Frozen fruits can run the gamut from strawberries (always a favorite) to tangerines. Also, some fresh-packed fruits such as tangerines can be frozen and eaten as a frozen dessert.

ORANGE JUICE is one of those odd things that can be used with chicken as long as it isn’t too sweet. Let’s say you are preparing a soup or stew with chicken. Some orange juice, especially if it’s tart, can enhance the flavor and make it kind of exotic. Don’t forget that oranges are used in Chinese cooking, so there’s that.

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