Hash originally was just chopped up fried leftovers. Now it has come to be a bit more specific. Hash typically contains potatoes, meat, and onion, and is griddled or fried. You have a skillet, right? Okay, take that out…

The potatoes I used are either those pre-made Ore-Ida hash browns or some random potatoes I picked up somewhere. So, either chop up a potato or two, or take 2 or 3 has brown patties, stick them into your skillet with just a touch of oil. Add some meat and onion (better to use real union here rather than onion powder). Now if you have other spare parts (I happened to have half a bell pepper and some broccoli), chop up those and toss them in.

Now, turn your stove burner on high and use your spatula (wooden one, please) to keep stirring the stuff around. You probably would want to add some ground black pepper and a few dashes of salt. Cook and stir until the potato turns brown along the edges. Remove from the stove and enjoy!

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