How to Simmer Somthing

Most of my dishes don’t require any simmering, but during the chill of autumn and winter, it’s good to have a pot of hearty something on the stove. If you’re cooking something that takes awhile to cook such as split peas or beans, you’ve GOT to simmer for about 45 minutes or so.

First, what you do is heat the stuff in the pot on HIGH. Let it come to a boil but watch it very carefully because things like split peas can create a foam that boils over.

When your potful of stuff has boiled for a few minutes, THEN turn the burner down to simmer or low. Watch the bubbling. When it barely bubbles, you have it hot enough to cook, but cool enough so what’s in your pot won’t burn. Nothing is more foul than burnt split peas, or harder to clean out!

Finishing up, if you’re summering something chances are that it’s creamy, cheesy, or otherwise goopy, so it’s going to stick to your pot. So, as soon as you’ve poured your meal into your serving dishes immediately put the pot into the sink and fill it with water. This will keep the stuck stuff in a dissolved state so it’s much easier to clean up afterward. Remember to put your spoons, spatula, and other things into the pot, too, so that they’ll all benefit.

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