What if you make too much? How do you deal with leftovers? I put them in the refrigerator or freezer. A refrigerator’s internal temperature should be 40 degrees (F), with a maximum of 46. Higher than that and you risk spoilage. A freezer should be 0 degrees (F) or 32 degrees below freezing. In a freezer I’ve been able to keep meat for 5 months! However, after some time some foods will lose their flavor.

When it comes to refrigerating your leftovers, do this: Make sure they are covered, tightly if you can. Two reasons here: you don’t want stray smells from your refrigerator to get into your leftovers, and you don’t want to lose moisture. Refrigeration DRIES OUT food. That’s part of the act of refrigeration itself! Our refrigerator (about 6 years old) can keep leftovers for over a week. I have some uncooked potatoes that have been sitting in a bag in the refrigerator for nearly 5 weeks. But as for leftovers, I’d toss them after about 6 days.

You can use plastic containers or glass with plastic lids. I like the glass containers for this reason: You can remove the top, stick the food into the microwave, heat it, and then eat it from the container! That’s one less dish to wash! I recommend to NOT heat food in plastic containers at any time because plastic can leach out chemicals that are probably not good for you, and heating can also cause plastic smells that probably aren’t good for you, either.

This is a good collection of glass containers. They sell for $25 to $30 for the entire set. You push the plastic lid onto a container and then flip down the four locks on each side. Refrigeration will cause suction, so when you open a container, there’s a little tab on one corner to pull to undo the suction. Amazon and other companies sell these.

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