I like meatballs. I don’t like handling meat very much because I don’t like measuring it out. Meatballs are easy because you know how big they are and you know how many to use. Meatballs come in various types: beef, beef and pork, chicken, turkey, and turkey and beef varieties are the most common. I prefer beef meatballs. I don’t like plain turkey meatballs much, and chicken meatballs really depend on the maker. Some are good and some aren’t.

Because I use meatballs mainly in pastas and in soups I cook them this way:

For pastas, I cook the meatball along with the pasta. This is because the meatball needs to cook! Meatballs are raw, and raw meat needs at least 160 degrees (F) of cooking for at least 5 minutes. I prefer to boil the pasta with the meatballs because boiling gets the temperature up to 212 degrees. That way I’m absolutely sure the meatballs are cooked! I usually do at least 7 to 10 minutes for cooking the meatballs. I’ve never gotten sick from my cooking, so I think I’ve got this mastered.

For soups, similar thing, but slower. I put the veggies, spices, and rice or pasta or beans into the pot (the saucepan) and put the meatballs in, too. I cook slower because soups need to cook slower for the flavors to blend. I bring the soup to a boil, then turn down the heat to “simmer”, which means setting to the lowest heat without the fire going out. (I cook with gas; electric stoves have a low setting, so use that instead.)

MY EXAMPLE here shows the Costco Kirkland brand pre-cooked meatballs, which don’t have to be heated as much, but many meatballs on the market are not cooked, so be sure what kind you’re buying. You can often find good prices for a bag of meatballs at Grocery Outlet

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