Nutrition – Vitamin D

Of course we eat food for nutrition as well as taste. One big problem with the American diet, and something I suffered with when I got the Covid-19 disease, was low Vitamin D. This vitamin is directly linked to your immune system. It’s like a thermostat because it keeps your immune system from under-reacting and also from over-reacting. It’s the over-reaction that has caused many people to become hospitalized for Covid, for the flu, and for other diseases. It’s been noted that younger people, if they get Covid, have less severe cases. That’s likely because they get a lot more sun, such as by playing athletics outdoors. Also, they are more efficient at using sunlight to make Vitamin D. Okay, so why shouldn’t homeless people who live outside also have low incidents of Covid? Well, they do. They catch it and pass it around, but they usually show no symptoms at all!

These are the ways you get Vitamin D, in order of amount of International Units (IUs). The average person needs about 600 IUs a day of D. First is SALMON. A typical serving will give you 600-750 IUs. After that is sunlight. A fair-skinned person requires about 10 minutes of sunlight a day. A medium-shaded person, probably 20 minutes, and a dark-skinned person can require 40 minutes.

Then there is fortified milk, and then vitamin supplements.

As for me, I like salmon and tuna, so I’ll eat those.

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