Peanut Butter Soup

This is a fun one. We think of peanuts and peanut butter as something we do with a sweet thing like jelly or chocolate. But this is a savory dish.

What I do is cook some brown rice (see How I Cook Rice) and add some chicken. I use either canned chicken or chicken strips. I add some curry powder. After I’ve cooked it awhile, I remove the pot from the stove, dump it into the mixing bowl, and scoop in a big gob of peanut butter. Since this normally won’t be salty enough for most tastes, I add either some Cajun seasoning or just some salt and pepper to taste.

Be sure to leave enough water so that it’s a soup! Also, use your spatula to make sure it’s all mixed very well. Since you’re taking the pot right off the stove and mixing, all the ingredients should blend well.

Most any kind of peanut butter will do, but I prefer the natural ones, made with just peanuts and maybe a little salt, no emulsifiers, no sugar, etc.

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