Popcorn is good nutrition, and it’s a great snack! My method is cheap and easy.

What you need is a bag of popcorn. It’s cheap, like $2 for a pound of popcorn. Also, get a bunch of #4 paper bags. If you have an microwave oven rated at 1100 watts you’re all set. A 1100 watt oven will be just large enough to use a #4 paper bag.

Okay, fill the bag with about 1/3 cup of popcorn. Fold the top of the bag sharply at the very top, leaving as much room for the popcorn to expand as possible. What I’ve found is that if you put it on the rotating tray of the oven and turn the heat on for 90 seconds you should get a PERFECT bag of popcorn with very few uncooked kernels and no burnt kernels. Now, be SURE to fold the bag tightly as close to the top as possible, making two tight folds. Otherwise, when the popcorn pops it will force the bag open and you’ll get kernels all over the oven!

Topping: After you’re finished you can shake in some dry Parmesan cheese, yeast, salt/pepper, butter, whatever. I advise to pop the popcorn first and then season it later. I always get perfect popcorn this way.

I’m not sure what the difference is between yellow and white popcorn. To me they don’t taste or smell any different. I just buy the cheapest, newest popcorn. It’s important to get fairly new popcorn because what causes it to pop is the moisture inside the kernel. If it gets old and dries out then it won’t all pop. Jolly Time popcorn is perhaps the best known. There are also some gourmet brands, too, but I haven’t found much difference.

Please DO NOT buy ready-make popcorn. Most of the ready-made brands contain artificial butter, which can be dangerous to the lungs if inhaled. Seriously. Buy unpopped popcorn, which is way cheaper, and you control what you put on it! You can get popcorn in any grocery store, Safeway, Lucky, Kroger, etc.

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