I love potatoes. But I don’t like to spend the time baking them, and I don’t like to peel them or peel anything for that matter. So, what to do? I use two kinds of potatoes.

Raw potatoes. I get them from time to time. They last for awhile uncooked. I toss them into soups. Since you’ll be basing your cooking time for soups on the time it takes to cook pasta or rice, the potato will also cook thoroughly. Remember, never cook a soup for less than 10 minutes on high, if you’re following my methods.

Hash browns. The beauty of hash browns is that they are pre-mangled. They consist of scraps of potato chopped so that you can zap them with sausage or something on top, OR you can dump one or two into a soup to give it extra thickness and potato flavor. They disintegrate that way.

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