Reheating in the Microwave

A microwave is great for reheating yesterday’s food. Because the microwave works by causing water atoms to vibrate and give off heat, water evaporates very fast in the microwave oven. So, when you’re reheating something put the food on a plate and then turn a bowl over the food you’re reheating. Remember, NO METAL at any time. That’ll burn out your microwave and may start a fire. Also, don’t use plastic if possible. Plastics give off gases when heated.

If you look at my section on leftovers I recommended that you use glass containers because you can store the leftovers, reheat in the container and then eat from it! That’s at least one less dish to wash! I’m all in favor of saving dishwashing. Here’s the kind of storage container I use:

Some of these containers actually nest, saving you apace when you’re not using them. I save all 9 dishes in a small kitchen drawer. Remember, always remove the top when reheating.

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