Salmon Filet Over Rice

Gordon’s has a really good salmon filet. They sell 2 per pack at Safeway. Each filet is pre-seasoned. First, take your saucepan and cook the rice. White rice takes about 10 minutes; brown rice takes about 15 to 20. I recommend brown rice because it’s more nutritious and has a nutty, crunchy kind of feel to it.

When the rice is done, remove it and dump it into your plate, a microwave-safe plate. Now, place the filet on top of the rice. You’ll want to cover the plate in order to keep the moisture in! I use a soup bowl to cover the rice and filet. What I like to do is add some mixed veggies along the side and dollop some butter on top. Zap the filet, rice, and veggies for at least 5 minutes to be sure that the filet is heated thoroughly. Since the filet was already cooked, you’re safe.

The two-pack of salmon filet is about $6, so including the cost of some rice and veggies that’s $3.50 per dinner! The seasoning on the filet is already excellent, so I found that I didn’t need to add anything to it. Remember to always include some veggies along with your protein and starch! I want you to have a balanced diet!

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