Seafood Scampi

I’m not a fan of shrimp, so this will be an anything-but-shrimp scampi.

Cook some pasta such as spaghetti, linguini, any of the long, skinny pastas. Add some fish while the pasta is still clear (not yet done). My choices would be salmon, crab, or even a whitefish. Mix in some minced garlic (remember, I use a jar of minced garlic).

When it’s finished cooking, drain out all the water with your colander, and deal with the pasta while it’s still hot, by adding these things: a scoop of butter (like maybe 4 or 5 tablespoons, because butter is the star of this dish), salt and pepper, some lemon juice (squeezed or the little plastic lemon juice bottle), and most of all about half a cup of white wine. MIX THOROUGHLY!

I’ve never had shrimp scampi because I just don’t like shrimp, but with salmon or whitefish it works really well. Crab I haven’t tried, but I’m sure it would taste good, too.

I use spaghetti rather than linguini for these kinds of dishes because spaghetti is stocked more than linguini, and it’s pretty close to the same anyway. I like using a long pasta because I just feel that the butter sticks to it better. But that opinion is probably wrong anyway.

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