Chili Pasta

This afternoon I wanted something filling and chili-like. So, I put about half a cup of pasta into the water, added some leftover chunks of fresh onion my housemate had been chopping. I added the Ziploc bag that had half a can of frozen corn in it. To thicken it, I added two of those oblong hash brown patties. I knew it was going to need some seasoning, so I dumped in quite a few shakes of onion power, and a touch of my trusty Cajun seasoning. I cooked all of that FIRST. Made sure the frozen potato hash browns and the corn was thoroughly hot. As is usual, I waited until the pasta had turned from yellow to clear to white. Then I knew it was ready.

I dumped the whole contents into my colander and drained out every bit of water. I dumped this stuff back into my saucepan. At THAT point I dumped a can of chili into the mix. Since the pasta was very hot it all blended well and the chili got warm, too. Remember, chili in the can is pre-cooked, so all you have to do is heat it, not cook it.

With all the stuff I put into it, the batch was large enough for two servings. I put the rest in a glass storage container to save for another day. It was delicious and quite hearty. It’ll keep me full for hours.

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