Brazilian Split Pea Soup!

I’m thinking of all those women in factories somewhere with knives splitting all those peas….I digress. Split pea soup is super-simple to make, but unlike my other recipes takes HELLA long to cook.

I don’t like ham very much, but I like sausages, such as Jimmy Dean’s. What I do is chop up 4 “breakfast sausages”. But don’t put them in the water just yet! You’ve got to cook the peas first.

As for the split peas themselves, dump some split peas into the water in your saucepan. I use a cup of dry split peas. Put the water on high and let the peas cook for about 45 minutes. BUT, split peas will get foamy after about 5 to 10 minutes, so after it’s on high for awhile and the foam begins to bubble up, turn it down to LOW. This keeps them cooking but the heat is just low enough to prevent burning. You don’t want to burn your split peas.

There is nothing Brazilian about Brazilian Split Pea Soup except for the seasoning. McCormick makes a seasoning called Brazilian Steakhouse. I shake in about 20 shakes. Remember, Nonnie’s rule: Trial and error. After the first time you spice up something you’ll know if it’s too much or too little.

After the peas have begun to get mushy, dump in the sausages. That’s about 30 minutes into the cooking. Be sure to let the sausages cook with the split peas for about 15 minutes to make sure they’re hot and absorb the flavor. Also, add the Brazilian Steakhouse seasoning at this time.

The good think about split pea soup is that it’s simple and cheap to make. Stick the remainder in the refrigerator to use another day. It’ll keep about a week cold (that is, 40 degrees).

I think split peas are pretty much the same, so I just get the cheapest. Other folks may differ on this opinion.

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