Tuna Hummus Salad

Tuna is a cold water fish and hummus is made in the Middle East where you’re unlikely to find tuna. But this being a world of oddity, we give you the tuna hummus salad. Hummus is a good substitute for mayo, being way less in saturated fat. Okay, here goes…

  • Tuna (I always use 1 can for me, 2 if I have a guest)
  • Chopped up celery
  • Garlic – maybe a teaspoonful chopped up
  • Chopped tomato

Hummus, the amount you’d use if you were using mayonnaise. Here’s great Hummus recipe which is a good way to use up that spare can of garbanzo beans (chickpeas) you have stashed away.

So, mix away. Spread the tuna salad on bread, tortillas (very good on wheat flour tortillas), or put it over a bed of rice, which is how I used it today. Don’t forget that if you have the large flour tortillas you’ve got a wrap! Very chic, y’know?

Variants: You can add some avocado, hot dog or hamburger relish, maybe come cumin. Normally using a can of tuna the dish would already be salty enough. If not, try some smoked salt seasoning or Cajun seasoning. I’m a big fan of hummus. It can go almost anywhere mayonnaise is used, and is so much better for you!

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