I go for fast food, but I do not eat fried food if I can help it. I strive for the best food on the menu. Most places fail. But Wendy’s has two items that are both cheap, and they’re good. I get the large chili con carne, and I get their baked potato with chives. A full meal for $5. However, the “buttery flavor” gunk they serve with it is nasty, so I don’t touch it. They also have a low-fat sour cream, which as far as I can tell is the real thing.

Wendy’s actually sells over a million baked potatoes a week, and they cook them the classic way: wrapped in foil and put into a regular convection oven. That’s why they are the only fast food chain selling them. The other chains don’t want the bother.

I also have the chili con carne while I’m there because, heck, it’s good and I like to have an entire meal when I’m doing fast food.

This is Wendy’s baked potato. They’re usually a pretty good size and will keep hot in the container for at least half an hour. The chili also stays hot for that long, too.

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